About Me

I'm the Managing Director of CREW Birmingham & CREW UK having developed, managed, and invested in the CREW network since its inception in 2015.


What initially began as a modest Facebook group has evolved into a comprehensive network of websites and online platforms, collectively bolstering the regional Film and TV industries across Birmingham and the wider regions.


With over 24 years in Film and Television,  I have worked my way from Runner to Line Producer.  My experience spans many genres such as Gardeners' World, Doctors, Miss Marple, and the iconic Harry Potter series. Now, my attention is devoted to enriching the regional Film and TV landscape, channeling my wealth of experience for impactful contributions.


Based in Birmingham, I take pride in showcasing and supporting the wealth of local professional crew and emerging talent within our area. Through CREW Birmingham, CREW UK, CREW Manchester, and CREW Bristol, I am dedicated to forging connections among production companies, facilities, and crew members, fostering collaboration to drive sustainable growth in our local and regional film and TV industries.


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