CREW BIRMINGHAM is a thriving community with over 2,900 industry specialists working in and around Birmingham.

We were founded in 2015, as a place for TV & Film professionals to share local job opportunities and to access peer support, as well as helping to source countless locations, facilities and amenities.

By connecting the right people, in the right place, at the right time, 
Crew Birmingham has fast become the most reputable and reliable platform of its type in the region, and a key driver of growth for the television and film industry in the Midlands.

Our History

In 2015 CREW BIRMINGHAM was set up as a private Facebook group. Through the Facebook group, like minded peers could share upcoming job opportunities. Word quickly spread about what had become an extremely valuable and productive online resource.

This Facebook community remains at the heart of Crew Birmingham, and has become the go-to place for television and film professionals from across the Midlands to share job opportunities, showcase their work, and to get advice and support from like-minded professionals. With more than 1300 members, the group is active all day, every day, and has helped fill over 3000 jobs to date.

In addition to its main Facebook group, CREW BIRMINGHAM now also has a separate group for new talent, those who are new to the industry. With over 800 members, the ‘Crew Birmingham New Talent’ Facebook group provides valuable support, networking 
and work experience opportunities for a significant proportion of the up-and-coming talent in the region.

Our website features a free-to-access database of Birmingham-based crew and facilities. Members of the CREW BIRMINGHAM community are given their own profile page on the site, through which they can share their CV, showcase their skills and provide examples of their work. Traffic to the site is increasing month-on-month, with production companies increasingly looking for direct access to experienced, local crew and facilities.

All members of the CREW BIRMINGHAM community are vetted to maintain professional standards. Membership of both the Facebook group and the main online database is limited to those with more than two years’ paid experience, 4+ broadcast credits in the television and film industry and who are living in Birmingham or within an hour’s driving commute of the city centre. Members of the New Talent Facebook group are eligible for a limited junior-level profile on the CREW BIRMINGHAM database.

Our Vision

The ultimate goal of Crew Birmingham is to generate more sector employment opportunities within the region, attracting inward production investment through the development and retention of a skilled regional television 
and film workforce.




Record & Impact


Over the past eight years, Crew Birmingham has connected local television and film professionals with over 4000 jobs from more than 300+ employers, including national and regional agencies such as Film Birmingham, Screen Central and Creative England.

Local Impact

The majority of television and film productions based in Birmingham since 2015 have involved local production talent, in roles that are likely to otherwise have been filled by crew from elsewhere.


By promoting local talent and generating confidence in the city’s industrial capabilities, CREW BIRMINGHAM is playing a crucial part in establishing the reputation of Birmingham as a genuinely attractive production location outside London.