CREW BIRMINGHAM is a thriving community of industry specialists and newcomers, all working in and around Birmingham.

We were founded in 2015, as a place for TV & Film professionals to share local job opportunities and to access peer support, as well as helping to source countless locations, facilities and amenities.

CREW Birmingham is the most reputable and reliable platform of its type in the Midlands. It connects the right people, in the right place, at the right time, and is a key driver of growth for the television and film industry in the region.

About Us

CREW Birmingham is a leading force for the Midlands TV, film, and screen industry. They bring together local and visiting production companies, vetted crew, locations, and facilities through their online and physical communities to create successful, locally engaged production. Their commitment to excellence is proven by their work with over 400+ production companies, including big names like Disney, Nike, Adidas, Warner Bros, North One, Tiger Aspect, BBC, and Channel 4.


CREW Birmingham is a shining example of what can be achieved when crew comes together to create something greater than themselves. Their thriving online and physical communities are a testament to their belief that everyone deserves a chance to succeed. By vetting each member according to their experience and dividing them into two groups, Newcomers and Professionals, CREW Birmingham ensures that the right opportunities are presented to the right people.


CREW Birmingham’s unwavering commitment to the local Midlands TV, film, and screen industry is a force for positive change. Through their hard work and dedication, they continue to grow and thrive, inspiring others to believe that anything is possible when you have a supportive community behind you.


Our Vision

CREW Birmingham’s vision is to cultivate a vibrant and dynamic community of television and film professionals in the Midlands. Our goal is to unlock the industry’s full potential by attracting inward production investment and developing a world-class workforce that fosters a culture of collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Join us in our ongoing efforts to build a thriving ecosystem of skilled workers, drive production investment, and generate sector employment opportunities


Record & Impact


For nearly a decade, CREW Birmingham has been the go-to platform for local television and film professionals and newcomers. With a track record of connecting local CREW to 400+ employers—including national and regional agencies—CREW Birmingham provides a reliable hub for finding paid jobs, accessing peer support, and staying informed about relevant news in the industry.

Local Impact

Since 2015, the majority of television and film productions in Birmingham have actively engaged local production talent. These roles, which might otherwise have been filled by crew from outside the region, demonstrate CREW Birmingham’s significant impact on the local industry.


By promoting local talent and generating confidence in the city’s industrial capabilities, CREW Birmingham is playing a crucial part in establishing the reputation of Birmingham as a genuinely attractive production location outside London.