Frequently Asked Questions

CREW BIRMINGHAM is a free site aimed at Film and Television employers and employees. It is a database full of Crew, Facilities and Locations that are all based in and around the Greater Birmingham area. It is the right place for Production Companies to offer PAID work to our local professional crew. 

This Website was born out of the CREW BIRMINGHAM Facebook group. We have had many Film and TV production companies, TV broadcasters, advertising agencies, facility companies and Line Producers use our site successfully.

Full Fat TV
Warner Bros
Media Dog Productions
First Look TV
North One Television
Maverick Television
Koala TV
IWC Media
Lloyds Bank
Top Banana Film
Nine Lives Media
Twenty Twenty Television
Spindle Productions
Happy Hour Productions
HTF Media
DRP Group

CREW BIRMINGHAM is free to join and free to use.

The only stipulation is that it is a site for fully paid jobs.

If Crew are contacted and offered below minimum wage jobs they should contact us immediately with the individuals / company’s details. If this happens, and this rule is broken, the company offering the work will be named and shamed for all members to see and to be warned about.

You can search and view pages of individuals and contact them directly via the information they leave. Or you can:

You can do this in one of two ways.

1. Claim Your Listing. If your profile is already set up on our website, you need to first create an account, then please contact us letting us know your username and which listing is yours (ideally send us the URL), we can then allocate that listing to your account. You will be notified via email once your listing has been allocated to your account and you can then edit it as you wish. 

2. Create Your Listing. To create a brand new listing you must first create an account and then  follow the instructions here:

You will not only get your own website page for self promotion, you will now be more visible to potential employers coming to the area looking for professional Crew.

Yes, we have now developed the ‘New Talent’ section. It works like the main Crew section and can be viewed in the same way by potential employers.
New Talent – 0 – 2 Years experience.
Main Crew – 2+ Years paid work & 4 or more broadcasting credits on their CV or IMDB (not including shorts)

Please feel free to send us your feedback or make any suggestions for improvement of the site.