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I'm Michael Smith, a versatile video production freelancer passionate about creating engaging visual content. I specialise in a range of video genres, including car commercials, long-form documentaries, short narratives, product promotions, live multicam studios, projection-mapped 360 installations, and sound design pieces.

Adobe Creative Suite: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop,

Live Visuals:
Unreal Engine, Ableton Live, Resolume

Past Experience:
Car Commercials: I've collaborated with top automobile brands to produce dynamic car commercials.
Long-Form Documentaries: My cinematography and editing work spans long-form documentaries, most recently a documentary showcasing behind the scenes of the superyacht industry.
Short Narratives: I create emotionally charged and entertaining short stories.
Product Promotions: Art-directed motion capture robot product launches, showcasing their features and benefits.
Live Multicam Studios: Coordinated live multicam setups in both concert and studio productions.
Projection-Mapped 360 Installations: I bring innovation to life through immersive projection mapping. Curated, designed and built the interactive projection-mapped automotive museum.
Sound Design Pieces: My soundscapes bring trailers and animations to life, creating captivating audiovisual experiences.

Let's work together to turn your vision into stunning video content. Contact me today to discuss your project and bring it to life.

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