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I am a highly creative and enthusiastic individual with a plethora of experience in TV, film and corporate media production. Based on the description outlined, I believe that I would be a superb fit for your Junior Editor vacancy. If you're looking for a creative with ample experience in editing/self-shooting for a variety of platforms - I'm your candidate.

I'm fluent with the Adobe suite and am hugely experienced in Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition and Final Cut particularly; I’m currently learning avid to round of my fluency. I'm also a highly proficient camera operator and technician with an arsenal of perpetually growing, industry-standard equipment. I've been using this software/hardware regularly for 8 years in my own and my client-based projects.

Before embarking on my journey into television, I was an editor & videographer for a Coventry based management training company. In this capacity, I was having to generate over 10 polished vignettes a week (both animated & live action blended) alongside various accompanying graphic design materials (i.e. social media graphics, work sheets etc). Such a fast turnaround was a massive undertaking given the amount of material that had to be submitted, and thus required my full focus and creativity in order to meet the demands of the company.

As an aspiring filmmaker, I've committed myself to many of my own projects in an editing capacity as well as writer, director and camera operator. This has involved generating countless original ideas for 10+ short films (and corporate projects), and seeing them through to completion. I'm well versed in executing compelling stories with relatable and believable characters, and coherently structured plots.

Post has always been my favourite stage of production however, as this is when the jigsaw pieces start to reveal the big picture. Having just invested six grand in my edit suite/machine, I’m always keen to improve my work flow in both the offline & online stages. From sub clipping, to sequencing, to grading – I’m never content with my level of knowledge and aim to be just a little more proficient than I was yesterday. Technical prowess is key to conceiving of new creative solutions.

Having committed myself to such a wide variety of projects, from music video to factual docs, understanding the right way to approach the piece before even touching the keyboard is essential. The finished product should already be somewhat compiled in my head as the rushes are scrubbed through; completed by the sub-clipping stage.

I'm currently in the process of making my debut feature film which has required me to be completely self-driven and on top of every aspect of the production. This encompasses everything from managing the budget to sourcing the right talent for each role.  I've found that being meticulous during this conception-to-completion process is paramount in order to achieve the best results.

Since I was 18, I've been running my own independent production company on the side of employment to capitalise and build upon the skills I've picked up over the years. This involves acute listening skills and managing client briefs with creative flare. I've had to be able to pitch ideas back to clients that reflect the brief (and house style if necessary), whilst also injecting my own originality. My film, too, has required me to spend *many* hours creating the perfect pitch in order to sell the concept to complete strangers and gain funding.

Generating creative solutions is a strong suit of mine. As the production secretary on 'Doctors' I tried to go above and beyond by simplifying both mine and my peers' workload/s, as well as staying well-ahead of my daily responsibilities.

When not focusing on the creative side of things, I'm coordinating the logistics for programmes/projects; assuring that all runs smoothly. As a hyper-organised individual, I always aim for perfection and believe in being thorough, meticulous and exploring all options before acting. However, I also think that knowing where to compromise is a must when trying to balance creative ideals with the realities of budget and time constraints.


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