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Nigel P. Harris is an award-winning director, Location Manager, and Line Producer with over 37 years of industry experience and strong, broad production knowledge. Nigel has directed more than 350 hours of multi-award-winning global content, from documentary to scripted content with complicated animation & visual effects . Many of these shows are now respected classics such as Rosie & Jim, Tots TV, Brum, Twirlywoos, and Teletubbies, inspiring generations of children and young people worldwide. In 2022 Nigel was  Location Manager on Series 1 and Series 2 of Phoenix Rise for BBC Children’s Productions (launched March 2023) Well respected globally within the TV Industry, Nigel is also a vocal ambassador for the creative industries and sits on the advisory committee for Create Central.

Nigel will consider work as Director, Location. Manager or Line Producer


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