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Malgorzata ‘Gosia’ Zur

1st AC/Focus Puller and Ronin 2 & 4D Technician. I’m familiar with many camera systems, Ronin gimbals, lenses and accessories. Previously based in the Republic of Ireland, currently local to the Midlands & London but I've worked across the country and abroad and I’m happy to go where the work takes me. Can be hired as local within the country. I’ve got considerable technical as well as soft skills. I’m friendly but focused, very well organised and capable of establishing a great relationship with production as I’m easy going and I appreciate the importance of team work in our work environment. I’ve gained my experience on many commercials, dailies and B camera on various TV dramas. That includes Netflix’s recent production ’Treason’ & 'The Old Guard 2’. Previous loading experience on MMPs such us 'Dungeons & Dragons' shot back in 2021. Happy to lead the camera department on A camera or to take up more B cam work. It would be wonderful to work together.

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