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Dr. Neil Hillman founded UK audio post-production facility The Audio Suite in March 2002 to take account of his increasing amount of work as a Sound Designer and Dubbing Mixer; but he continued to enjoy working outside of the mixing theatre as a Sound Designer / Supervisor / Mixer on Outside Broadcasts and also as a drama and documentary location Sound Recordist. Over the next 10 years he steered and grew the company to achieve million-plus sales and more than 500 IMDb credits.

In 2010 he was awarded the prestigious Royal Television Society award for 'Best Production Craft Skills' and in 2012, Neil successfully transitioned The Audio Suite from a commercial post-production facility into a unique Sound Design practice. In 2015 it expanded further by opening an Australian office.

In 2019, the feature film 'Scott and Sid', one of many feature films recorded on location by Neil, won 'Best British Film' at the National Film Awards and he passed the 700 IMDb credits mark, across more than 100 titles.

Neil Hillman operates as a 'Free-range and Organic' Sound Designer / Supervising Sound Editor / Re-recording Mixer for feature films, utilizing both the Australian and UK Audio Suite sound design studios as his base, depending on client preferences / project requirements; whilst working on Outside Broadcasts in both countries as a Sound Designer / Sound Supervisor (A1) (AD) / Audio Mixer.

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