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I'm an experienced Avid and Premiere editor with over ten years under my belt and am fortunate enough to have edited multi award winning broadcast programs, cartoons, short form, documentaries and short films.

My broadcast credits cover an array of genres including Family Drama, Animation, Children’s, Lifestyle, Fact Ent, Documentary, Medical, Sport and Reality and span all five UK terrestrial channels, numerous digital channels and over 80 countries.

I'm equally experienced cutting shortform, promos and music promos and am often trusted by clients to edit produce.

I like to think i've got keen senses of pacing, story and style which are all based on a firm visual and technical background. I have dabbled with directing in the past (my first commercial earning a Social Buzz Awards nomination) but the edit is my passion.

I pride myself on hitting deadlines whilst remaining relaxed, friendly and good humoured and I also have a dedicated edit suite at home running Avid and Premiere so can quickly and easily work remotely.

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