About Me


I am writing to you with the interest in applying for the Development Researcher role referenced in the advert on The Talent Manager.

I am a freelance runner/camera operator. I have experience of working as a Runner with location experience. Recently with the Black Arts Company that produced a TV advert for Bristol Street Motors that currently features on TV. Credits will be listed down below.

I have spent the last year working in a live TV studio as a camera operator. Providing me studio experience as well as having office experience. 

Having recently been made redundant, I am looking to use this as an opportunity to gain wider experience in the TV industry. I am based in Halesowen and can easily travel to Birmingham without issue.

 I am eager to gain any experience that I can get. I have had a small career break due to my redundancy and I would be most grateful for any opportunity that you can offer me to gain further experience.

I am regarded as being a hardworking, polite individual and I would like to be given the opportunity of working with anyone no matter the project. I would be most grateful if you would consider me for any position that you may have or that become available. I would also welcome the opportunity of any work opportunity, work experience/placement in order to gain further skills and also a better understanding of the industry.

Bristol Streets Motors Advert - The Black Arts Company - Coventry - Production Runner
Gems TV - Gemporia - Redditch - Studio Technical Operator
Bristol Streets Motors Advert - The Black Arts Company - Coventry - Production Runner
The Gadget Show - North One Television - Birmingham - Production Runner