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I'm a freelance personal and project assistant working in the West Midlands area.

I am an approachable/personable individual, who is constantly seeking opportunities to learn and develop my personal and professional skillset. As such, I am open for any trainee opportunities across various departments within the industry. I have previously worked as a Secondary English teacher, freelance proofreader, youth worker, waitress, receptionist and social media assistant. All of my employment experiences have provided me with a range of valuable skills which will be transferrable to my next career goal. I am seeking a permanent career change into an industry I have always had a passion for and interest in. I am currently seeking entry-level roles in the film/TV industry to gain some valuable experience and credits. Once I have some experience in the industry, my aspiration is to progress to a production coordinator role. 

During my second year of studying at the University of Lincoln, I completed a volunteer programme (VESA) in Laos, South East Asia. During this time, I taught EFL, helped build a new classroom for a local school and supported in the development and building of a breeding centre for elephants at the Elephant Conservation Centre in Sayaboury.

As an avid explorer; who fell in love with Asia, the day after receiving my First Class Honours degree in Film and television studies, I embarked on a 6 week adventure travelling from Hong Kong to Singapore. During this time I was immersed into a variety of cultures, experiences and opportunities which have encouraged me to pursue my passion of networking and building worthwhile relationships with a diverse range of individuals. 

Bonus points: I have a full clean driver's licence and my own car, I have an additional base in Bristol and I have a full DBS check and NSPCC Safeguarding certificate.  

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