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Having recently left BOA I’m keen to continue developing the skills I have learnt and put them to good use with some on set experience.   Being interested in all aspects of production I’m keen to find positions in the following departments, Art Department, Runner and Acting.   I’m self-motivated, flexible and very well organized.

I am immensely passionate for acting because I enjoy performing and entertaining people. Additionally, I think that being an actor gives you a miraculous opportunity to never stop learning or growing. What particularly allures me into acting is that it is a delightfully effective way of exploring life, human emotions and offers a gateway to endless opportunities such as theatre and cinema. Furthermore, in my opinion acting is very beneficial as it teaches you important real-life skills such as teamwork, communication and helps in building confidence.

​I also love acting because there are variety of roles to play and experience. Acting also allows me to live several lives, it is a way of maintaining an intriguing life as it does not require you to be the same person for too long.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of incredible projects that have allowed me to grow and establish myself within this competitive industry. I hope you’ll enjoy viewing my projects as much as I enjoyed working on them.

As an actor I want my work to inspire and move the audience, whether its through escapism or representing oppressed topics/ groups.

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