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After graduating in 2016 with a 2:1 in Media and Communications (Television) at Birmingham City University, I have undertaken a vast amount of projects as a videographer and video editor over the last few years. These have varied from promotional videos for products, training videos, interviews, short presenter pieces and behind the scenes video projects amongst many more. A small sample of these feature in my showreel which can be found on this page.

Been a videographer and video editor has helped my development within the industry hugely especially networking and it has also enhanced my skills and knowledge with different techniques when filming as well as the ongoing upgrades of equipment available and familiarizing myself with these quickly and efficiently.

I have knowledge and experience using a variety of different equipment's during my time as a videographer. These include Canon XF305/XF105, C300, XC10 amongst many others. I am also experienced in different sound equipments on offer including, boom microphones, zoom microphones and wireless clip on microphone systems and being able to sync any external microphone feeds during production into the final edit efficiently. I also have some experience running sound mixing desks throughout my time at university during work placements and university projects in a TV studio, as well as my time since graduating, for various school and dance productions which has included dialogue and music and making sure the levels are perfect over the speaker systems used during these productions at various venues.

I have vast understanding and have used many different editing software's throughout my time as a videographer and editor including, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Avid etc. This also includes any special logos, graphics, idents etc within the edit. I also have knowledge and experience using Adobe Audition for any sound editing and sounds effects that needs doing for various projects I have done. I also offer a video editing only packages on behalf of clients and businesses that already have footage filmed and need it editing and always satisfy the clients needs for the final edit.

I am from and based in Birmingham, which means that any opportunities that arise through this platform I can travel for, this includes within the city and surrounding areas. I am now looking to enhance and further my career within the media  industry as well as pursuing any opportunities within the TV industry.

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