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Hair and make up artist with thirteen years worth of experience in the film and TV industry. 4 Years experience in leading and designing. Trained at the DFMA Make Up Academy 2012. Driver with clean driving license, BECTU membership and infection prevention and control qualified. Updated COVID safety in make up artistry (DFMA).

As a current doctoral student in health research with years of experience in the healthcare field, I like to apply my knowledge of a wide range of health conditions and skin dystrophies to enhance my creativity and accuracy in special effects make up and design. Whilst I enjoy the balance of creativity and research, and it has taken years to find the equal balance of creative flexibility and rigid accuracy. For this reason, I value intense pre-production (research) preparation, as I understand the importance that make up design and application has on a whole production. Besides having years of experience in fashion and theatre make up, I have chosen to stick to TV and film make up artistry as I appreciate the need (and challenge) to consider product choice and the compatibility with lighting and the screen. 

Experience: (More in CV) 

  • LEWIS CAPALDI – ‘WISH YOU THE BEST’ Official Music Video (2023)

Main responsibilities: Designing hair and make up, Key Make Up Artist on set, male grooming, applying minimal make up, styling hair, managing HMUA continuity, blotting and maintenance. ANIMAL MAKE UP: Ageing ‘Winnie’ the Terrirer with horse paint/ products. Maintaining continuity.  


  • LEWIS CAPALDI (Feature for ongoing series) July 2023

Main responsibilities: Hair styled to maintain dreadlock styled appearance, full coverage make up, touch ups and continuity checks.


  • ITV Downton Abbey SE 6 EP 7.  (2015)

Main responsibilities: (Daily) Tattoo coverage, wig application, facial hair application, ‘dirtying’ one main actor and crowd, period style make-up, blotting, re-touches, handling/ maintaining continuity and managing continuity sheets.  

  • Warner Brothers (Cross Plains Productions Ltd.) House of The Dragon (RED/ GUN). (2022)


  • Phil Beastall for ‘Memories’, Thanksgiving advert in Australia. (2020)

Main responsibilities: Designing hair and make up, applying HDTV  make up, styling hair, managing HMUA continuity, blotting and maintenance.  

  • Film Hub North’s ‘C A T E R P I L L A R’ – a  BFI funded short film co-produced by Dorny Sunday, Sam Barnett and Jim Wraith. (2022)

Main responsibilities: Hair, make up and checks.  Male grooming, continuity, blotting and maintenance. Minimalistic design, tattoo coverage, bruising coverage, HD TV coverage, nosebleed, sweat application, tears, illness, death, close up hands (death) bleeding gums and regular hair and make up continuity checks for intense physical activity.    

  • Phil Beastall -  Sometimes, people just need a little help. Christmas advert. (2022)

Main responsibilities: Hair, make up and checks. Regular blotting, regular hair continuity, elf ear application, male grooming, distressed look, individual lash application in line with continuity.  

  • Phil Beastall - Frequency – Short Horror (2023)

Main responsibilities: Hair, make up and checks. Regular blotting, regular hair continuity, elf ear male grooming, distressed look, possession look, tired look, still bloodworks, moving bloodworks, eye contacts, creature make up, all in line with continuity.  

  • Lullabee – Obsession Music Video  (2023)

Main responsibilities: Hair, make up and checks. Five, high fashion looks in a one day 10+1 shoot schedule.   Qualified and experienced in: *Technique and product understanding* Colour correction for HDTV* Make up application to suit skin tone* Individual lash application* Full lash application*Mature make up * Camouflage make up for body, face and hands * Correction and concealing* Full bridal looks * Classic make up looks * Texture effects * 3D make up * Beauty, editorial and commercial make up* couture make up and design structuring * Skin pay offs- full cover, sheer, glow and gloss * Event/ Red carpet full make up * Health and safety in the workplace * makeup application for all ethnicities and variations* Cultural make up* High fashion make up * Male grooming * Shaving *Perfecting brows master class * Body painting masterclass with Wolfs Bodymagic * Make up continuity * Bollywood make up * Make up for black and white photography * Gem application * Eyebrow blocking * Tattoo coverage* SPFX: *Realism* *Burns* Bruises * Bites * Attack/ Bruise/ Slap * Stabbing * Gunshot * Appropriate blood application/ angles * SPFX continuity. * Death * Illness * Shock * Tears * Waxwork and basic prosthetics * Latex work * Latex swollen eye * Ageing * Ageing with prosthetics * Teeth yellowing * Nail blackening * Blood eyes * Tattoo covering * Moustache/ facial hair application * Oiling * Dirtying * Drug miss use * Tears * Sweat * Moles and warts * Vintage and period drama*  HAIR: * Basic cuts * *Barbering* Velcro roller sets * Wash and Blow drying * Hollywood Blow-dry * Pin curling * Wig making * Beard making and application * Bald cap making * Bald cap application * Condition knowledge * Male hair/ grooming * Product basics * Tools and uses * Plaiting * Period styling * 1920's * 1940's * 1950's * 1960's and beehive * 1970's & 80's * Barrel curl sets * clip – in extension applications and use of volume nets and nest making * Finger waving*.  

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