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Ash Connaughton is a Cinematographer Based in Birmingham UK, who works on Films/ Dramas, Commercials and Music videos. Aswell as Doumentary, TV and Branded content, working for clients such as The BBC, Warner Brothers, DRPG and M&C Saatchi.  He has shot award winning pieces such as the short neo noir "Io Selezinero", Feature Documentary "Tax Shelter Terrors" and Feature film "Hello Darlin". Ash's passion lies in drama and telling stories visually while reaching out and connecting with the audience. While Ash enjoys the Technical side of Filmmaking and Cinematography he also has a deep theoretical understanding of Framing and composition as well as lighting. Ash's unique visual style combined with a narrative and character focused approach and a hard working, positive and approachable attitude lead to beautiful imagery that ultimately serves and drives the narrative of each project he undertakes and keeping sets both functional and fun places to be, whether it be drama, commercial or otherwise.

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