Colette Foster, Creative Director
Full Fat TV

“Crew Birmingham is an invaluable asset to Full Fat, especially when we are looking for talented people to work on our productions – we advertise all our positions there.  It’s also a fantastically heart-warming page that demonstrates Birmingham’s production community is thriving and that there are so many talented people in the region.”

Gemma Kemp, Production Manager
North One Television

“Crew Birmingham has been an invaluable asset to myself and many colleagues for recruiting new staff and sharing news regarding latest shows we have made in the Midlands. It is a great place for freelancers to find work in what is such a tough industry and enables them to keep on the ball with up and coming productions and jobs in the area. It is also a great way for all of us to recommend colleagues for jobs and give references through this social format, therefore allowing people to network successfully.”

Paul Dibben, Technical Operations Manager
Crow TV

“A huge thank you to Crew Birmingham for not only keeping us informed but also allowing us to share news and recruit staff. What a valuable asset this forum is. Well done to everyone involved.”

Will Hanrahan, Creative Director
First Look TV

“Crew Birmingham has got us out of trouble on several occasions now as we have gained last minute commissions. Additionally, it has become a go-to interface for general crewing, so we are really happy with it. It also means we can make TV programmes in the Midlands – not always easy.”

Alison Grade, Founder
Mission Accomplished

“Crew Birmingham is one of the main reasons I stay on facebook. I know I can’t afford to miss the posts on there. In the last year the site has put me in touch with several new clients that I wouldn’t have come upon otherwise. The first one lead to 4 substantial projects this year and the other two are still early days but both are with very interesting clients with longer term potential. When it comes to Crew Birmingham posts I always watch this space.”

Holly Jane Ware

“Crew Birmingham is a fantastic local resource that supports the industry in Birmingham and no doubt attracts more film and television to the area. I have been lucky enough to get a number of roles through them and they have been instrumental in giving me a kick start in the industry.”

Oliver Upton
Freelance Shooting AP

“Crew Birmingham is a great place to get a message out but also to see what opportunities might be coming up. Well ran great stuff.”

Paul Taylor, Soundman

“There are lots of very experienced and highly talented Production Staff and Technical Crew here in Birmingham, why not use them!”

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