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I have been a Camera Operator for 10 years mainly working in drama and I have worked within the Camera Department specifically for nearly 16 years.

I can honestly say I have loved every minute of it. I get to be creative with diverse groups of people who are as passionate as I am. I adore the finding shots, problem solving and capturing performances and moments that are dramatic, funny, heartbreaking, breathtaking and beautiful is an absolute joy. Ultimately, it's telling the story frame by frame which I love.

For me, the collaboration with the Director of Photography and the Director is key to a successful shoot. Being able to translate a Directors vision is both fulfilling and challenging and I thrive on it. Working with the DOP to then create and compose shots and moves that complement the lighting and story telling is really exciting. I have over 1000 Hours of broadcast Television Drama under my belt and have worked with many great Director and Directors of Photography in the past.

To be recently inducted as one of only 3 female into the Association of Camera Operators. It is a real honour and I regard it as a privilege and a reward for hard work , creativity, passion and perseverance. Now, I hope to prove myself on more productions with other female members of the Camera Department to start to create more diverse working environments.

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