About Us

We're an animation company based in Birmingham, UK, specialising in stop motion animation.
We help create animation content for TV commercials, short films, pilot's and promo's for a variety of different clients.
For all your plasticine needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Yamination Studios inhabits within an impressive 2,500 Sq ft space with designated areas for efficient functionality.  These areas include an edit suite, meeting room, shooting and test stages, large workshop, chemical room and wash room.  All with accompanying equipment and skilled personnel to fulfil your project needs.

So for fun-filled, creative and innovative projects involving any of our skills:

- animation

- character-model-set making

- sculpting

- mould making

- photography

- design-concepts-illustration

- facilities hire

we'd love to here from you!

Find Us

90 Floodgate Street, Deritend, Birmingham B5 5SR, UK