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Here at CharacterShop we’re into characters in a BIG way. In fact, we love them so much we named the company after them!

Over the years we have created many hundreds of different characters for our clients and for a huge range of audiences – from pre-schoolers to teens to grown-ups. Some are designed simply to entertain and amuse and some to deliver a more serious message. We’ve even performed surgery on client’s existing characters – a nip here, a tuck there and hey presto – a beautiful new look!

Once we’ve made a character look great – then what? Well, then we bring them to life – we make them move, walk, talk, jump, juggle, sing and dance. We’ve done it for TV series, commercials, DVDs, websites, comic strips, games and even live shows.

So if you want to really bring your project to life, then call in at the CharacterShop and let our award-winning creativity give it some real character.

See you soon!

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