About Me

I worked as a Production Assistant in advertising in Dubai for two years. I was involved in filming, and assisted the team on shoots. My duties involved setting up kit, logging, errands, escorting and taking care of talent on set, etc.


I then applied successfully  for the Mama Youth Project Scheme. As part of this, I worked as a Production Coordinator for Licklemor Productions on their SKY ONE show 'What’s Up TV'. As a Production Coordinator, I was assisting the Production Manager in project planning, execution and delivering transmission the material for playout. A big part of my job was to be aware of all delivery deadlines, and keep the team of Researchers up-to date with any changes. I produced schedules for shoots, pre edits,edits and audio sessions. I have also had to set up shoots, and schedule and manage ordering of materials/resources needed for shoots. I was the main point of contact and liaised with Editors and Freelancers. Overall, I was responsible for the running of the production office making sure that office equipment i.e., computers, scanners are up and running.I was solely responsible for being the main point of contact between Licklemor and the Compliance Department for SKY. Nonetheless, I was essentially a runner, and performed all runner duties as required in the office, studio or on location.This includes making drinks, carrying Kit, running errands, talent running, floor managing on set, logging, transcribing,etc. We extensively shot in various locations throughout production, including the SKY Studios where I was the head runner.


I then worked for the Content Social Production team at BBC, London where I was involved in producing content for their Social Media platforms. Once again, I was involved in budgeting, scheduling, filming and editing my own assets for major programs such as Life, Years and Years, Atlanta and Poldark. To gain a diversified experience at BBC, I transferred to BBC Birmingham where I assisted the BBC Three team in casting for an upcoming dating show.

I am a trained camera operator, having worked with Canon XF305, Sony Alpha 7S II, Canon 5D. I live in Coventry, and can easily travel to anywhere in the Midlands.

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