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Location Manager - Location Scout - Covid-19 Supervisor - Casting & Recruitment of Crew - Drone Filming & Photography - Licence valid from Jan 2021 - Pilot Licence is available from Jan 2021

I have a database of locations all over the UK and also happy to scout new locations i am also Covid-19 Supervisor to ensure all locations are safe and follow all Government Guidelines once locations are locked i can assist with scheduling the scenes to ensure they meet the required dates we fix for filming,

I have also a database of Hotels all over the UK that offer discounted rates

I have worked in recruitment of cast and organising and promoting casting for films.

I enjoy production work and can assist in all areas of production to organising the shoot locations, selecting casting and actors organising accommodation and catering facilities i work with budgets and work with Producers to ensure i can deliver the required expectations. I have a database of talented actors, stunt guys, i can arrange supplies for weapons

I am a all rounder and a fixer

I have also invested in a drone and will be available for drone filming in 2021 - Pilot Licence / Operator Licence will be valid from Jan 2021

I have a huge passion for working in films and happy to assist in all areas i have managed 140 crew films for the Bollywood Industry, I have completed all the pre production work and budgeted work for movies.


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