About Us

Gorilla Drones provide photography, filming and data capture for a wide variety of use cases, inc. for bespoke marketing and cine imagery capture. We are fully endorsed by the Civil Aviation Authority and have a commercial permission of operation (PfCO) to operate drones in congested areas (towns/cities) and are based out of south Birmingham, but operate around the West Midlands and beyond. We are a professional specialist imagery services company offering a full production service using 4k video capture and also offer stylisation video, transforming video into a stylised form; see our website and contact us for more details. Your engagement will start with us with a free, no obligation (video)call to ascertain your project requirements, to which we can then scope the piece of data capture required and anything else we need to. Following this, we move into a planning phase, where appropriate levels of permissions are obtained from various stakeholders; risk assessments are complete and notifications to other air users where the operations/flights need to take place. We will work with your project teams to ensure all imagery is collected to the highest standards, whilst safety to public and crew is maintained to the highest standards. We are insured up to £10m in public liability insurance and can provide our permission "license" upon request, along side any other documentation you wish to see. You can also have peace of mind by turning to the CAA CAP1361 PDF document, which references all valid holders of commercial permissions.

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161 Alcester Rd, Birmingham B13 8JP, UK