About Me

Aspiring to make a crossover into film and TV whilst putting the skills I have acquired from previous work experiences into use. I am used to remaining flexible and ensuring accuracy from working in translation, and I am used to working in an errand-based environment from working in a hotel in Italy. I have extensive experience with interacting with people of all backgrounds from teaching English abroad, and I have volunteered on various restoration projects, where teamwork was imperative. I have been successful in getting a few initial day-runner positions, as well as having had opportunities to observe and help out on a pilot shoot for a new programme and helping a PD research contributors for a commission. I have also volunteered with a media charity in London several time, receiving camera training and the opportunity to help shoot interviews, as well as the live debates at the Battle of Ideas event in London. I'm currently looking for other work opportunities to build on this experience, especially if there are opportunities to learn aspects of the more technical side of things, such as data wrangling, logging, or helping to set up equipment. A bonus would be if a production had a foreign/travel element to it where my linguistic skills could be used, likewise if the subject matter is environmental or science-related in general.

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